Nature Fluent gets serious about tissue with the introduction of Cottontail premium toilet paper made from 100% bamboo down to the core.

MENIFEE, Calif.,Nature Fluent, a sustainable consumer products company is introducing Cottontail, its biodegradable, premium toilet paper made from 100% bamboo down to the core. Cottontail toilet paper is tree-free, promoting deforestation and protecting the integrity of natural resources. The premium toilet paper comes amid a global pandemic, When many states are preparing for a second statewide COVID-19 shutdown to curve the spread of the coronavirus.

“While millions of us were having a hard time trying to find toilet paper during the first Coronavirus lockdown, now being referred to as the 2020 toilet paper shortage, what better time than now to address the issue with tissue,” said Joel Hall, a representative for the Cottontail brand. “The biggest makers of toilet paper in the United States replaced the empty grocery store shelves with tissue products still made entirely from climate-critical forests. We encourage anyone who is on a journey to leading a eco-friendly & sustainable lifestyle to review NRDC’s The Issue With Tissue 2.0”

The sustainability of the Cottontail brand stretches far beyond its 100% bamboo down to the core signature. Every Cottontail toilet paper roll is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, packaged in a recycled-carton and sealed with recycled paper tape, making Cottontail toilet paper a great alternative for eco-conscious consumers.

Joel adds, “By using many toilet paper brands we’re driving the degradation of forests around the world negatively impacting indigenous peoples, wild life, and global climate. It’s important to us that we produce environmentally-safe, consumer products that promote quality of life”

Cottontail holds up to the brand’s Cotton Soft Family strong slogan. Customers will appreciate the luxury comfort and the bamboo strength of Cottontail. Every roll is 3-ply and comes with 370 durable sheets per roll delivering over half a mile of Cottontail toilet paper in a 24-pack carton.

Customers can purchase a 24-pack carton of Cottontail premium toilet paper for $34.00 plus shipping. To purchase a 24-pack carton of Cottontail toilet paper today visit:

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About NRDC

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About Nature Fluent
Nature Fluent is a sustainable consumer products company that advocates leading an organic lifestyle that supports the well-being of all individuals and the thriving of communities. Cottontail is a Nature Fluent product.