About Us


Nature Fluent is a family owned, sustainable consumer products company that advocates leading an organic lifestyle that supports the well-being of all Individuals and the thriving of communities.

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper?

The idea of Nature Fluent was conceived just before the toilet paper shortage of 2020, over morning coffee time, when we dream-build, talk about current events, and brainstorm new ideas. How about a toilet paper brand?

Already an environmentally conscious family using reusable food storage bags and promoting the benefits of water consumption through the use of stainless steel water bottles versus use-and-toss single serving plastic bottles, a new brand of toilet paper had to be 100% sustainable, plastic and tree-free, from the packaging down to the core. The brand had to be Nature Fluent.

By early March 2020 Cottontail toilet paper came to fruition with the full support of our family. We were all in. The lack of consumer products made from sustainable materials being sold at local grocery stores drove our passion and the NRDCs The Issue With Tissue fueled our purpose. By August we had a house full of Cottontail toilet paper.

In partnership with OneTreePlanted.org, we plant one tree for every 24-pack of Cottontail toilet paper sold to fight deforestation. Sure, it’s a small gesture but even one tree has a positive impact on climate change, pollution, and diverse communities who rely on the forest for food and water.